A Little History on Exchange...

     Charles A. Berkey is credited with the founding of this great organization. At his suggestion, the name “Exchange” was selected because the group wanted to exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals about how to better serve their communities. 


     The first local Exchange Club was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1911. The second was the Exchange Club of Toledo, Ohio formed in 1913. Subsequently, two others were organized in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. These four clubs were the first to be chartered by the National Exchange Club after it was organized as a nonprofit, educational organization in 1917. Since then, hundreds of clubs have been chartered in the United States and Puerto Rico, with nearly 28,000 members making a positive difference in their own communities everyday. 

(standing, back row, far right) and members of the Boosters' Club, Detroit, Mich., in the late 1800s. Many from this group became members of the first Exchange Club.

We are America's Service Club. From our organization's earliest days, Exchange Clubs have been unselfishly serving their communities and improving the quality of life. The diverse array of Exchange-sponsored programs and projects has made a considerable impact on America, enhancing the lives of countless men, women and children across the nation.

     The National Exchange Club headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio. Our chief objective is to help Exchange Clubs realize their full potential of community service.


100 Years of Exchange...

The Exchange Club of Grayslake was chartered on August 20, 1971.  We are celebrating our 44th year in Grayslake in 2015.  There are currently 83 members and anyone is welcome to join us, men and women.  We meet every Thursday, upstairs, at Whitney Street Restaurant in downtown Grayslake from noon till 1:00 P. M.


The Articles of Incorporation are dated December 17, 1980.


At the time the Club was formed it was only for men.  The wives of the Exchange members decided to form their own Club and they are known as the “Exchangettes”.   This group still functions and is the last remaining Exchangettes group in the country.


Some of the early members, which were all male, were:


Verne Buland, Robert W. Kautz, George Vernony, Noel L. Stirrat, David M. DeHart, Donald Huckstadt, Leo O. Johnson, Charles A. McBride, Jr., William B. Denniston, Bernie J. Leonard, James N. Geary, Terrence M. Hough, James S. Winters, Donald H. Brown, Frederick Hedblom.


The National Exchange Club is the oldest exclusively American service club organization.  In July 2011 the National Exchange Club celebrated its 100th birthday in Detroit, MI.

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