Exchange Club of Grayslake Hometown Hero

Each quarter, the Exchange Club of Grayslake will recognize one of our own who is serving our country through the military. If deployed, we will send a care package loaded with goodies and notes of appreciation. If the military member is married, we will also try to send a card of encouragement to the spouse. If the member is not deployed, or if there is a local family that we can contact, we will invite them to attend our luncheon as our guest and be presented with a plaque honoring their service.
If you’d like to contribute the box, you can bring items to Whitney Street Restaurant on Thursday's from 12-1.

We are in need of the following items:

Small hand sanitizers
Individual drink mixes (ie Crystal Light, MIO, etc)
Baby wipes/Dude wipes
Paperback novels (adventure, thriller, etc. not romance), motorcycle/car magazines
Beef jerky (no pork)
Granola/protein bars
Small portable games (not video games unless self-contained)
Individual size snacks
Individual sauce packets especially spicy sauces for them to add to eggs and MRE’s for flavor
No chocolate, nothing containing pork, and no porn. Nothing dealing with politics.

If you know of someone who would benefit from this program, email us at: